XML-RPC Interface


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This document contains information on the XML-RPC interface that Nucleus provides, and the error messages it spits out. Please note that the specification of this interface might still undergo changes in the future.

The URL for the Nucleus XML-RPC interface is:

The Blogger API (XML-RPC)

Nucleus implements the Blogger API. This allows for tools and services that can communicate with Blogger, to be able to also communicate with Nucleus. Because the way Nucleus works, some interpretations of parameters are slightly different, see the notes below for more info. The structure of method calls and responses are, of course, exactly the same as the methods at Blogger.

Here's the list of available methods. Click them to get more information (links go to either the Blogger API or the Blogger API Mailinglist).

Since Nucleus is structured somewhat differently inside, there are some differences in the way parameters are handled. An overview:

metaWeblog API

Since v1.1, Nucleus also supports the metaWeblog API, which is an extention to the Blogger API.

In Nucleus v2.5, support was added for the newMediaObject and getRecentPosts methods as well (they weren't in the original metaWeblog specification)

A list of available methods is listed below (see the specification for more info):

As of Nucleus v3.22 we also support the mt_text_more and mt_allow_comments extensions to the metaWeblog API. This means that if you use an application that also supports these extensions, such as Ecto, you can also edit the extended body and determine whether or not you want to allow comments for an item.

Movable Type API

Since v2.5, Nucleus supports the methods from the Movable Type API.

The list of available methods is listed below:

Some notes:

Error Codes

Below is an overview of the types of errors you can get back from the methods:

Error Code Error Message
801 Login Error (probably bad username/password combination)
802 No Such Blog
803 Not a Team Member
804 Cannot add Empty Items
805 Amount parameter must be in range 1..20 (getRecentItems)
806 No Such Item
807 Not Allowed to Alter Item
808 Invalid media type
809 File is too large (max. upload filesize)
810 Other error on newMediaObject (message will contain more info about what happened)
other codes < 100 Errors encountered by the Useful Inc. XML-RPC implementation
other codes > 100 Errors encountered by the XML parser